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Amazing Easter Sunday with the LA Klass/Levick family and missing the distant Lake/Jacobsens. Last family day without our Weefee! (at The Hungry Cat)

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Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. I think that a lot of what people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.

Aaron Swartz (via kevinthebigapple)

I love quotes that correlate curiosity -> life long learning -> increased intelligence. I don’t consider myself the smartest person I know in any field, but I certainly may be the most curious about certain aspects of how our lives continue to evolve with an increased inclusion of the internet. Hopefully that turns into something important one day, if not I will just keep on learning and trying things…

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Homemade: Connecticut Style Lobster Roll

Damn this looks amazing! Butter collecting in the bread fold with heaps of lobster pouring over the lightly toasted roll. I think a return trip to Salt Air in Venice might be in the cards in the near future – their’s is the best I have tasted in quite a while, certainly best on the west side of LA.

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Water Planet to use 3M polymer in membrane manufacture

Very excited to announce WPE’s partnership with 3M.

Beyond what you can read in the press release, which is incredibly exciting to have an industrial super power such as 3M as your partner, is how wonderful our interactions have been with the 3M team. We have slowly and methodically developed a genuine friendship and business relationship over the timeline of building the WPE story and formalizing our new partnership.

I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with our new friends from St. Paul.

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Typical sunny Santa Monica day playing some Volleyball. In January. #iloveLA (at Santa Monica Beach Volleyball Courts)

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China Televises Sunrise

Daily Mail:

The smog has become so thick in Beijing that the city’s natural light-starved masses have begun flocking to huge digital commercial television screens across the city to observe virtual sunrises.

The futuristic screens installed in the Chinese capital usually advertize tourist destinations, but as the season’s first wave of extremely dangerous smog hit - residents donned air masks and left their homes to watch the only place where the sun would hail over the horizon that morning.

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THIS is so amazingly beautiful and terrifying.

Our naturally evolved instinct is to observe and react to the rising and setting of the sun – so what happens if we no longer have that daily input? Apparently, enough people took notice to their rhythmic schedule void from the horizon erasing pollution smog in Beijing that they will now flock to a giant billboard that virtually recreates the effect.

I genuinely see this being necessary for generations far into the future that lose their natural earth bound clock that biologically programmed our bodies over the last couple million years. Even more fascinating that this whole scenario was only made possible because of the availability of massive advertising screens repurposed for a couple minutes a day.

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With @melissalevicklake taking on Snowmass in Aspen! Awesome day of snowboarding (at Snowmass Mountain)

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Black Swans Surf a Few Waves on Gold Coast of Australia

Malcolm Gladwell had no clue how unpredictable Black Swan’s really are!

Additionally, I would buy pretty much anything from Black Swan Surf Co after watching this, can’t you just picture the amazing tees and logos!?

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All hail feast days! Unmitigated abundance is fun for the whole family. If you love turkey AND yams AND cranberry sauce, you’ll probably also love a Ford with technology AND style AND storage. Now there’s something to be thankful for.

Created by Joe Vaughn

Paleo schmaleo, its Thanksgiving!!!

I am so excited to travel back up to San Jose and be with my wonderful family and catch up with some amazing Nor Cal friends.

Most of all, I am thankful for my incredible Wife and the life we have started together this year. What an amazing journey in store for us ahead.

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Awesome night at the Coliseum with the Trojan and Cardinal fans. Cc: @guhlo @lilhuix (at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum)

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Exploring through the backwoods of Pennsylvania looking for Cheryl’s old house. Fun times in the country for some California folks

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Invest in Cleantech Now (Antifragile Investing)


No, USV isn’t suddenly becoming a cleantech investor. But for anybody allocating assets you should consider cleantech. Why? Because cleantech today is where Internet investing was after the dotcom bubble burst: all the institutional (and even most individual) investors have retreated while the secular trends are all in favor. The price of many publicly traded cleantech companies is in the dump (a few bright lights such as Solarcity and Tesla notwithstanding, aka the Elon Musk effect) and private cleantech companies are having trouble raising money, especially at the early stage (angel through Series A).

On the trends side, the evidence around climate change is becoming ever stronger that human made greenhouse gases are the key forcing function for the next hundred years. The change appears to be accelerating in particular with Greenland melting at a faster rate than predicted by even the most aggressive models. These changes are receiving more coverage and with storms like Sandy taking place public opinion in cities like New York is beginning to change. Check out this Google trends chart. While there is still some overall decline the map in the bottom right is super telling. The search volume is coming from the places that are most affected (in particular look at Alaska!).

What would be the best investment strategy here? Place a number of small bets in public stocks that are particularly beaten up with companies such as Amyris or Gevo and/or invest in some new early stage companies (which could include information systems for measuring and tracking carbon). Each of these is essentially a call option on an acceleration in climate change. From an options pricing perspective these options seem significantly underpriced because people are vastly underestimating the volatility of the overall climate system (which is highly non linear). This is a perfect example of an antifragile investment strategy. 

Albert is frighteningly wise in regards to investment trends, so I become incredibly excited when he publicly commits interest to essentially the space that I call home.

We are more than two years in at building Water Planet as a water technology solutions provider. Now, we truly believe we are inching closer and closer to the beginning of our hockey stick growth point, and I can’t wait to see many other new cleantech companies succeed along side us too.

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Woke up early and decided to take some pictures of the sunrise and wadded out into the ocean right behind our villa. The beauty here in the Maldives magically makes you a decent photographer somehow. #nofilter #icouplehoneymoon (at Conrad Maldives)

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First 24 hours of #icouplewedding honeymoon. Limo to LAX and realize half way there I don’t have my passport😁😓. We did make it to the plane no problem, and then caught about 40 hours straight of sunlight as we chased the sun over the North Pole. Third picture is the sun finally setting over Arabian Desert. Then last pic is our amazing pita top at Shake Shack in the Dubai airport! Now we await our last leg to the Maldives! Such a fun adventure already with @melissalevick (at Dubai International Airport (DXB) مطار دبي الدولي)

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Your life is not judged on how quickly you can conquer a certain skill or even profession. By shutting things out of your life like rowing that do not fulfill your shortest path to 10,000 hours of a specific field, you are also sacrificing the things that make you unique and fill your life with personality, experiences, emotions.

Be a quitter. | Dorm Room Fund Blog

Me, leaving a comment on the blog of a quitter.